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About Our System

About Our System

System Diagram

Integrated Remote Surveillance Measuring Automatic Control System

Generally installed in the field control center and the central control center, WIFECT’s integrated control system for facilities using a local area data collecting and recording device is comprised of more than one data collecting and recording device in a facility. The installed devices communicate the recorded data bilaterally with the central management center to ensure real-time monitoring and stable maintenance & control of the facility.


  • Installation of more than one data collection and recording device within the local facilities management spot.
  • Bidirectional communications of real-time surveillance and analyzed integrated data to on-site workers, etc.
  • When problems occur, a text message is sent to the worker and with the photos before the accident occurrence and 3D design drawing observing point, the situation is mapped to diagnose the accident occurring region.
  • Information exchange and analyzed data put into database

Business Subject

  • Mountains, Tunnels, Dams, Reservoirs, Freshwater lake Water and Sewage Plants, Bridges, Dangerous Facilities Equipment, etc.

Application Field

  • Measuring device surveillance, control, prevention and survellance on landslides, suverillance on bridge corrosion, surveillance on dangerous facilities equipment, etc.
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