Recruitment System

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Recruitment System

Recruitment System

How we Recruit

  • Regular Recruitment

    Hiring college graduates (and soon to be graduates) every year on a regular basis according to a public recruitment process
  • Recruitment on Demand

    Hiring people according to the needs of a department at any time

Recruitment Process

  • Step 01

  • Step 02

    Paper Screening
  • Step 03

    Telephone Interview
  • Step 04

    Personal Interview
  • Step 05

    Result Announcement

Documents to Submit

Application form in the company’s template, Certificate of (Expectant) Graduation, Other certifications (foreign language efficiency, license, etc.), a copy of the resident registration, job experience description (the submitted documents will not be returned). A man of national merit and a war veteran will get preferential treatment according to the related law.
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